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This is important report from HPG ODI one of the prominent policy researcher group in humanitarian world, in respect of Rohingya response they suggested three important issues (i) participation of Rohingya refugees in the matter related to them which is quite absent now, (ii) localization of humanitarian relief, they have positively criticize CCNF mobilization and (iii) campaign for making Mayanmar junta accountable. [Click here for report]

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A delegation team of three community media representatives leading by the Chairperson, Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) and Executive Director, Coast Trust Mr. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury met Minister Dr. Mohammad Hasan Mahmud, who took the charge of the Ministry of Information, People’s Republic of Bangladesh today at 12.30 PM. They welcomed the minister with a bouquet of flower and a crest. Mr. Abdul Malek Honorable Secretary of the Ministry of Information, was present at that time.
The delegation team updated the Honorable Minister about the status 18 community radio stations of the country, and the campaign to make the on 11th Parliament Election 2018 as free, fair, participatory and accountable. They added that all 18 Community Radios had been broadcasting 1152 hours programs from December 27 till December 30 continuously.
Songs on liberation war enriched with non-communal empathy and emotion, patriotic songs, instructions and announcements of Election Commission, jingle, PSA, audio clips, Speech of March 7, 1971; drama based on Liberation War, role of voters and civil society, law and enforcement authority and interview of freedom fighters were broadcasted. Besides, radio talk show and community dialogue organized with the participation of local professionals and select government officials.
A total of 100 community Radio reporters were engaged for collecting election related information continuously. They also captured interviews and voxpop of police officers election candidates and voters, statistics of male & female voters and number of booth, situation of local constituency units and live broadcasting of the general election results from the Returning Officer.
Dr Mahmud, Honorable Minister welcomed the delegation of Community Media and assured his cooperation for the further development of Community Radio’s in Bangladesh.
Mr. AHM Bazlur Rahman, Chief Executive Officer, BNNRC and Mr. Mustafa Kamal Akanda, Assistant Director of Coast Trust accompanied with the delegation team.

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COAST Trust came across a recent press conference of respected Mr. HT Imam, the political advisor of Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, about monitoring the national parliamentarian election of 2018. Mr. Imam mentioned about COAST Trust along with other organizations nominated for election monitoring. COAST Trust wants to clarify its own position in this relation.

COAST Trust does believe that Mr. Imam is one of the respected senior political fellow in Bangladesh and he is not personally aggrieved with this organization. He might have had some misinformation in this relation to mention the name.

As a human rights and democracy defender, COAST Trust always has been believing in the spirit of our great liberation war. COAST always works to serve the interest of the country being positively engaged with the government in the national and international level. There are examples that we have been cooperating with the government in the international negotiations, especially mobilizing international civil societies, particularly in UNFCCC (United Nation Framework on Climate Change Conference)’s climate negotiations, WTO (World Trade Organization)’ conferences and UN process on Global Compacts both in Migration and Refugees, by which the country is benefitted several times and our images has boosted up. Government also duly appreciated COAST Trust for those efforts.

We remember that BNP-Jamayat accused COAST Trust during 2008 national election for ‘favoring Awami League’. It was reported in several newspaper on that time.  Awami League has also raised objection about COAST Trust to be involved in election monitoring at that time. And right after that we wanted an appointed with Mr. HT Imam and he was generous to give us time and listened to us. Later Awami League / he officially withdrew the complaints against COAST Trust and we expressed our gratitude accordingly.

COAST Trust conveys gratitude to the Bangladesh Election Commission bestowed confidence for long time and allowing the organization in election monitoring with greater space. COAST also thankful to Election Working Group for providing technical assistance in this regard. However, COAST is considering the withdrawal from all election monitoring activities this time to avoid all debate and misunderstanding raised.

It is to be mentioned that, COAST Trust has been working in the coastal area of Bangladesh since 1998 to support the coastal poor and uphold the human rights for them. For this particular purpose COAST Trust has been working through a positive engagement with the government to contribute to the government’s mission of development.
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Today December 24 2018, CSO (civil society organization) s representatives have organized a press conference today held at national press club and criticize the outcome of global climate change negotiation (CoP-24 held in Katwise / Poland during 01-14 Dec’2018). They said that the outcome is frustrating and hardly incompatible with Paris Agreement. They also criticize the proposed “Paris Rulebook” that has ignored the MVCs (Most Vulnerable Countries) interest as there have no specific decision and text regarding to reducing global temperature up to 1.5 degree, financing, displacement and Loss and Damage, which were key demands of MVCs (Most Vulnerable Countries).

The press conference was moderated by M. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Chief Moderator of EquityBD and key note paper was read out by Mr. Syed Aminul Hoque of same organization. Among others, Mr. Qumrul Islam Chowdhury of FEJB (Federation of Environmental Journalist in Banagldesh), Md. Shamsuddoha of Chief Executive-CPRD (Centre for Participatory Research & Development) and Mr. Badrul Alam (Banglaesh Krishak Federation) spoke in the event.

Presenting of key note, Syed Aminul said that the and latest progress of CoP 24 negotiation outcome is frustrating and there are hardly any particular text of in the proposed Paris Rule Book on financial commitment, technology and capacity building issues for vulnerable countries. Syed Aminul condemned developed countries for backtrack on their commitment to provide these supports. He also expressed concerned that Paris Rulebook has neglected the climate changed displacement and Loss and damage; vulnerable countries largely side-lined on their own to address the impacts of climate change.

Mr. Shamsuddoha criticized as COP-24 is failed in fact to increase ambition of countries to cut the emissions of greenhouse gases as per the findings of the IPCC’s Special Report on 1.5 degree. The refusal of the CoP especially by developed countries to take the IPCC report will seriously undermine the implementations of Paris Agreement, in fact which will further aggravated the suffering of MVCs.

Mr. Qumrul Islam Chowdhury said since the Paris Agreement we lost our demand like historical responsibility and compensation and in 2018, we lost responsible support commitment like unconditional support from developed countries in fighting climate change through adopting the Paris Rulebook. Our country as vulnerable are now, that we will have to be self-depended to mitigate, to adapt, and to protect our people from climate impacts especially in coastal areas.

Mr. Badrul Alam opine that developed countries has able successfully to dilute their financial commitment of 100 billion dollar during pre 2020 period even 2025 onward with new financial goal. MVCs have now no option to raise their voice either for historical responsibility, polluter pay principle and demanding compensation as well.

Moderator of the press conference Mr. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury opined that, UNFCCC is now turned a platform of talk show without any results. But even though Bangladesh need to continue to raise voice. For consistency of position, continuity of the negotiators and all above for integration of climate issue in the national planning, a supra body like climate commission should be formed like what have had happened in Philippines. He expressed hope that, political leaders should be serious on the issue in future, political parties should announce their position in their election manifesto.
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