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Cox’s Bazar CSO-NGO Forum observed Universal Declaration of Human Rights Day 2017 in Cox’s Bazar. Civil Society-NGO leaders and social activists were present in the Human Chain and mass gathering. The Human Chain and Mass gathering were organized at District Administration office premises. Mr. Abu Morshed Chowdhury was present as Moderator in the Mass Gathering meeting. Mr. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Executive Director, COAST Trust; Mr. Bimal Chandra Dey Sarkar, Executive Director, MUKTI; Mr. Fazlul Qader Chowdhury, Executive Director, Green Cox’s Bazar; Journalist Mr. Mohammad Ali Zinnat; New Age representative Mr. Md Nurul Islam; BRAC representative Mr. Ajit Nandi; Mr. Moqbul Ahmed, Assistant Director, COAST Trust were present and spoke in the meeting. To mark the day representatives of MUKTI, COAST Trust, PULSE, NONGOR, YPSA, AKLAB, BRAC, and Radio NAF were present in the meeting. The title of the Meeting was “Society of Cox’s Bazar are Human rights resilience Society, Uphold Rohingya Rights along with Host Community Rights”

Mr. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Executive Director of COAST Trust said, Mr. Moung Jarni, a Burmese human rights activist, had informed the media that, genocide is a profitable business. Military Janta of Myanmar, China and India will be benefited by the genocide. Many parties have been benefited from the Rohingya influx in Cox’s Bazar. He said, one of the Police officer had reported that, 1000 foreign UN/INGO staffs are currently staying in Cox’s Bazar. Minimum 300 dollars are being spent for them every day, which means, every day 2 Crore, 46 Lac taka are being spent for 1000 foreigners. He mentioned that, after Nepal Earthquake, government of Nepal had prohibited INGOs to direct operational work. Similarly, after Hioan Cyclone, government of Philippine had promulgated the same decision. So, Political leaders and government of Bangladesh should take similar decision.

Mr. Bimal Chandra Dey Sarkar, Executive Director of MUKTI said, Human Rights are being violated all over the world. Peoples of Cox’s Bazar received Rohingya at first; now peoples of Cox’s Bazar are being deprived. Now poor people’s suffering in Cox’s Bazar district has been increasing district day by day. Many of the poor people in Cox’s Bazar lost their jobs and they don’t have enough food to feed themselves. For that reason, we demanded allocation of food and projects for the host community, he maintained. He said, INGOs hired trained workers of the local NGOs by the enticement of high salary. We have urged to INGOs not to adopt such kind of strategy. Journalist Md Ali Jinnat said, the indiscriminate killing of Rohingya people is not only human Rights violation, it is Genocide. In spite of that, leaders of the world community did not impose pressure on Myanmar government to stop the genocide. Moreover, the local people of Cox’s Bazar are being depreciated for the influx of Rohingyas. Journalist Mr Fazlul Qader Chowdhury briefly sketched the history of Rakhain state. He said, our old friends India, China and Russia did not support us; rather opposed the position of Bangladesh. Many oppressed Rohingyas came to Bangladesh when an agreement was signed between Bangladesh and Myanmar. He maintained, what was the meaning of the agreement? He fiercely criticized Aun Sun Suki’s role.

After the Human chain in front of Cox’s Bazar District Commissioner Office, a short discussion meeting was also held at DC office conference room. The meeting was headed by Mr. ALi Hossain, Deputy Commissioner, Cox’s Bazar. In his speech, Mr. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Co-Chair of Cox’s Bazar CSO-NGO Forum, focused on environmental degradation in Cox’s Bazar. Then Deputy Commissioner Mr. Ali Hossain emphasized on the formation of a research working group to do a study on the impact of Rohingya influx into Cox’s Bazar district especially Teknaf and Ukhiya Upazila.
Mr. Abu Morshed Chowdhury, Co-Chair of Cox’s Bazar CSO-NGO Forum, informed in the meeting that, last two days (8th and 9th December 2017) two discussion meetings were held at Teknaf and Ukhiya Upazila Conference Room respectively. Mr. Md Alamgir Kabir, Woman and Children affairs department of Teknaf Upazila and Mr. Ekramul Siddique, Assistant Commissioner (Land) of Ukhiya chaired the two meetings respectively.
Mr Abu Morshed said, 70% of the total foreign donation had been spent to hire foreign expert, but Bangladeshi experts are globally known for the disaster management. He claimed full transparency and accountability of all INGO and UN agencies to Bangladesh government and Bangladeshi people.
Finally he thanked to all leaders of cxb cso-ngo forum for organizing all events on Universal Human Rights Day observation 2017. Please Download [English Press]


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Dhaka 9th November 2017. Today sixteen civil society organization and non-government organization from Cox’s Bazar who has formed the Cox’s Bazar CSO-NGO Forum (CCNF) organized a press conference in Dhaka Reporters Unity. They have urged government for enhanced involvement of UNHCR in the Rohingya crisis and also urged for de-concentration of Rohingya refugee camps and shifted to other districts, as the economy and ecology of the district is in danger. The press conference was moderated by Rezaul Karim Chowdhury of COAST also Co-Chair of CCNF, other speakers of the press conference was, Mr. Rahshed from Nongar, Mr. Jashim from ADAB, Mr. Aminur Rasul Babul from Unnayan Dhara and Mr. Moqbul from COAST too.
The group has distributed a position paper which contains 41 demands with analysis, divided in nine sections. The sections are (i) Cox’s Bazar demography is in imbalance, shifts Rohingya in other places in ensuring their basic rights, (ii) Government must take full control of the relief operation, position and office of Relief Commissioner have to be upgraded, (iii) Ecology and economy of the districts are in threats, need study and recovery effort, invest for host community too, (iv) Confusion and complexity in coordination and control, bring UNHCR as leader in the board, (v) Tackle the possible factors of terrorism, provide space to propagate alternative philosophy of human right and secularism, (vi) UN agencies and INGOs must withdraw from direct operation, they must respect their commitment toward localization and accountability to reduce their transaction cost, (vii) Strengthen long term political campaign to bring the Myanmar government and armies in the international court of justice in the Hague as like what happened for Rwanda and Czechoslovakia, (viii) Stop visibility competition in relief work, and (ix) Respect convention of the Rights of the Child in rehabilitation of Rohingya child.
Mr. Rashed of Nongar Cox’s Bazar said that, due to Rohingya influx there will be total population increase in Cox’s Bazar district by the end of year will be 62 % while in the country is only 13 %, there are huge Rohingys in the town and also along the side of Marine drive, they should be shifted immediately. He also said, government and civil society must take steps on campaign to bring the Myanmar government and army to the international court of justice in the Hague for genocide. Mr. Moqbul of COAST demanded studies of Rohingya impact in natural resources, health and economy of Cox’s Bazar then there should be announcement of recovery steps from government before the next budget. He also urged for minimum 20 % development investment from aid money for the host community.
Mr. Aminur Rasul Babul of Unnayan Dhara said that, district administration and Rohingya relief operation should be separated, Relief Commissioner Office should be upgraded to “Secretary” level, and army officials should be deputed in the office for information, monitoring and coordination. He also said that UNHCR should be bring to take lead of this Rohingya relief operation as they are mandated by UN, UNHCR should have been involved in bio metric registration too. Mr. Jashim of ADAB, said that there should electric lightening in the camp, allowing cultural groups who promote secularism, humanism and local culture so that Rohingyas will not be abuse by religious terrorism. They also urged government for long term education plan in this regard.
Rezaul Karim Chowdury the Co-Chair of CCNF and Executive Director of COAST said that UN agencies and international non-government organization must withdraw from direct operation they should work through partnership with local non-government organization as they are committed for localization and to reduce their transaction cost. He urged them to use Bangla in their day to day communication, they should publish their aid data for public monitoring and adopt complain response mechanism in their work process to ensure accountability in local level.
Please download related paper [Bangla Press] [English Press] [Position paper details Bangla] [Position Paper short Bangla] [English Position Paper]



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A Memorandum of Agreement (MoU) for agent banking has recently signed between COAST Trust and Midland Bank Limited. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Executive Director of COAST Trust and Ahsan-uz-Zaman MD & CEO of Midland Bank Limited signed the MoU on behalf of their respective organizations. According to the MoU COAST will operate agent banking at the Torabgonj area of Laxmipur district.