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DMS_4082_IndexDhaka, 24th April 2017: Today in a seminar in parliament media center, Member of Parliament (MP) s urged to increase budget allocation for coastal protection focusing children and youth, while they were speaking in a seminar title “Climate Change Impact in Coastal Bangladesh, Protecting Children, Adolescent and Youth: A Case Study from Monpura Island” have held in Media Centre in Bangladesh Parliament Building, Dhaka. The seminar was Chaired and Moderated by Dr. Hasan Mahmud MP, Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoE&F), Advocate Fazle Rabbi Miah, Deputy Speaker of Bangladesh Parliament while attended the seminar as Chief Guest. Dr Hasan Mahmud said that Bangladesh is the innocent victim of climate change, those who are responsible the developed countries hardly delivering their commitment. In this situation Deputy Speaker Advocate Fazle Rabbi Miah urge all political forces of the country in a unity to save the country from these climate catastrophes.
The seminar has been organized by the office of Dr Hasan Mahmud MP, Chairman Parliamentary Standing Committee and All Party Parliamentary Forum on Climate Change in cooperation with COAST an NGO and UNICEF Bangladesh. Other guest speakers of the seminar were, Mr Edouard Beigbeder Country Representative UNICEF, Dr Ainun Nishat of BRAC University, Dr Sharmind Neelormi of Jahangirnagar University, and MPs are Jebuneesa Afroz from Barisal, Md. Tipu Sultan from Barisal, Saimum Sarwar Kamal from Coxsbazar, and Nobi Newaz from Jenidaha. Selina Chowdhury Upazila Chairman of Monpura also spoke in the seminar. There were children and youth speakers from Monpura island and Barisal, who are Sabia Mim, Shakila Nupur, Sohanur Rahman, Jobair Rahman and Sajib Uddin. Key note papers were presented by Mojibul Haque Munir of COAST, AH Towfique Ahmed of UNICEF.
Dr Hasan Mahmud said that, Water Development Board has to be reformed to protect the coastal island like Monpura and other coastal and haor areas of Bangladesh, they must innovate new technology; listen to affected women, children, youth and local population. Dr Nishat said that climate change action plan which was prepared earlier should be revised by local expert which is being happening with foreigners now. Mr Edourad Beigbeder urge for more investment toward children and youth and their voice should be heard. Dr Sharmind Neelormi said that Cyclone shelters should be equipped to facilitate women and girls. She also said that reproductive health of the women and girls has a great concern in this regard. Selina Chowdhury Upazlia Chairman of Monpura Island said her island is the worse victim in the front line of climate change; government must take action to save the island on priority basis.
Sajib Uddin a child from Monpura Island said, they are loosing all the dreams including their homestead and schools. Sabia Mim said that due to the climate change impact child marriage is increasing in the island is like a curse, Jobair Rahman a youth from Barsial said good officials should be deployed in coastal area rather than sending them in the place as punishment.
Please download related paper [Bangla Press] [English Press]

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IMG_9598_IndexDhaka, 18 April 2017. A group of 28 rights based CSOs and climate affected adolescents of Manpura island demanded immediate initiatives to save the Manpura Island from the river erosion. They also demanded transparency and accountability of the Water Development Board (WDB) to the local people and local administration. They placed these demands form a human chain and rally organized today in front of the national press club. The human chain and rally titled “We Demand Accountable and Peoples Oriented Initiative of Water Development Board to save Manpura Island” was moderated by Mustafa Kamal Akanda of COAST Trust, while Zayed Iqbal Khan of Bangladesh Krishak Federation, Subal Sarkar of Bangladesh Bhumihin Samity, Aminur Rasul Babul of Unnayan Dhara Trust, Mihir Biswas of Bangladesh Paribesh Bachao Andolon and Rezaul Karim Chowdhury of EquityBD spoke at the occasion. Two adolescents of Manpura island named Ms. Sabia Akhter Mim and Md. Sajib also presented their sufferings in Manpura due to river erosion and climate change.

On behalf of the organizers thanked the government for allocating about 197 crore taka for Manpura island, to ensure proper utilization of that allocation they placed some specific demands were placed such as: i) Information about the WDB works must be open for all and there must be a complaints response mechanism, ii)Tender and purchase process of WDB must be transparent, iii)WDB must be accountable to the local people and local elected bodies/local administration, iv) If needed, army can be deployed to ensure smooth and speedy works.

Aminur rasul Babul said, we must save our coastal areas, coastal people. We must save the Manpura island. To save the island perfect and proper utilization of budget allocation must be ensured. WDB must be transparent and corruption free, to make the WDB corruption free a white paper on its past activities must be published. Zayed Iqbal Khan said, during 1973 to 2010 Manpura has lost 34 square kilometers of its land. The land is decreasing day by day, to save the people of Manpura embankment with concrete blocks are necessary. Subal Sarkar said, about 20 villages and 10 bazars have been gone under water completely. Even the main town of Manpura is in vulnerable situation, since the river is just about 300 yard far for the main town. Immediate initiatives are now must for the people of Manpura. Mihir Biswas said, we have very bad experiences with the work of WDB in recent past. What they did in the Haor areas is creating suffering for thousands of people. We don’t want to see the same thing is happening in Manpura island. WDB must be reformed and it must be pro-people.

Ms. Sabia Akhter Mim, an adolescent of Manpura said, we have lost our house three times, we are still vulnerable to lose it again due to river eerosion. Our education is interuupted, our livelhood is interrupted. We urge to all concern to save us form the river erosion. Md. Sajib said, During the rainy season we can’t go to school, our parents have so far been forced to change their livelihhod options three-four times due to river erosion. We want to live a good life, to do that, we would like to urge the governent to save the Manpura.
Rezaul Karim Chowdhury said, We would like to thank government for allocating 197 crore taka for Manpura. This very important allocation will be fully wastage if there is no reformation in the WDB. WDB must be accounatble to the local Upaila, Zila Parishad i.e. local administration. Peoples partiioationin WDB must be ensured.
Please download related paper [Bangla Press] [English Press] [Position Paper]

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Dhaka, 24th April 2017: Today in a seminar in parliament media center, Member of Parliament (MP) s urged to increase budget allocation for coastal...