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CSO Positioning on Bangladesh VNR on SDGs in UN HLPF 2017

Govt. of Bangladesh is going to present Voluntary National Review (VNR) on SDGs in UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) during 10 to 19th July in NY. On the eve of VNR HLPF, 22 farmers, labors, right based civil society organizations and networks have prepared Bangladeshi CSOs positioning on VNR report that already submitted bu GoB to UN HLPF. The positions of CSOs are titled as ” Inequality is priority to act immediately ; Global community must endorse its obligation of global partnership to assist countries fighting poverty, inequality and climate change.”
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IMG_2043_IndexRight Groups on Bangladesh SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) VNR (Voluntary National Reporting) in UN HLPF (United Nation High Level Political Forum)
Dhaka, 8th July 2017. Today twenty one right based civil society, farmers and labors organizations and networks in a press conference held at National Press Club Dhaka said that strengthening democratic institutions like inclusive election, decentralized local government, freedom of information and assembly is fundamental to achieve sustained SDG and peace in Bangladesh. They have organized the press conference on the eve of Government of Bangladesh is going present SDG VNR in upcoming UN HLFP which will be held in New York during 10 to 19th July 2017. The press conference title “Inequality is the priority to act immediately: Global community must endorse its obligation of global partnership to assist countries fighting poverty, inequality and climate change” was moderated by Rezaul Karim Chowdhury of EquityBD, other speakers are AHM Bazlur Rahman of BNNRC, Rafiqul Islam of DUS, Aminul Rasul Babul of Unnayan Dhara Trust, Badrul Alam and Jayed Iqbal Khan of BKF, Mostafa Kamal Akhanda of COAST and Syed Aminul Haque of EquityBD.
The group includes, ARPAN, BAFLF BKS, BKF, BNNRC, CDP, CLEAN, COAST, DDJ, EquityBD, GCAP, JSJ, NRDS, OKSociety, PRAN, SDO, SANGRAM, SDG Watch Bangladesh, SUPRO, Uddipon, and Voice of South Bangladesh.
On behalf of the group Syed Aminul Haque of EquityBD elaborated five points demands and concern in this regard which are (i) Regional disparities and inequalities should have priority concern, (ii) Eliminate loopholes in resource losses from our countries : act against illicit flows, (iii) Take a balance approach in respect of infrastructure for Growth and Protection : people need to be protected from climate fall out, (iv) Bangladesh is innocent victim of climate change : international communities have obligation to take responsibilities of climate displacement, and (vi) Strengthening democratic institutions should be the key for achieving SDG.
AHM Bazlur Rahman of BNNRC said that there are lack of coordination among agencies which is causing wastage of development budget, he also said that Bangladeshi coastal area have to be protected first otherwise Dhaka will not be saved. Rafiqul Islam of DUS said that 40 % of coastal area are fully unprotected, on the other hand cyclone increases four fold, he also said to gain food self-sufficiency coastal land have to be protected first. Aminur Rasul Babul of Unnayan Dhara Trust said that, government must show tangible actions that they are sincere to stop illicit flow, as Bangladesh is one of the top countries where illicit flow is high; he also said that confrontational politics is responsible in this regard.
Rezaul Karim Chowdhury of EquityBD and the moderator of the press conference said that, government of Bangladesh should not show or express self-complacent attitude especially in international forums, and the government must tell the truth to the international community that without international cooperation Bangladesh alone cannot stop the illicit flow and it is the developed countries who are responsible of climate catastrophes in here so they have obligations to take responsibilities.
Please Download Related Paper [Bangla Press] [English Press] [Position Paper- Bangla] [Position Paper- English]

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Cyclone “Mora”: COAST frontline staff are standby.

For any emergency, Please contact with the following persons/numbers:

Cox’s Bazar Region:
Md Eunus, 01713328812, Moqbul Ahmed, 01713328828, Md Alam, 01713328803, Zahangir Alam, 01713328827, Tauhidul Alam, 01713328822, Fazlul Haque, 01713367444, Kutubdia Branch Manager, 01713164648, Moheshkhali Branch Manager, 01713164649, Teknaf Branch Manager, 01713164661, Hnila Branch Manager, 01713164657, Hoanok Branch Manager, 01713164655

Chittagong Region:
Md Faruk, 01713328805
Chandgoan Branch Manager, 01713144176

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Md Firoz Alam, 01713328808
Noakhali Sadar Branch Manager, 01713144154

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Md Nur-E-Alam, 01713328814, Rashida Begum, 01713328802
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Outreach Region:
Abdur Rob, 01713328813, Char Kukrimukri Branch Manager, 01713164641
Char Motaher Branch Manager, 01713164640, Monpura Branch Manager, 01713164645, Dhalchar Branch Manager, 01713164642
Zahiruddin Branch Manager, 01713164646, Char kajol Branch Manager, 01713164639

COAST Phone and Fax Numbers Have Been Changed

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DMS_0094_Index19th June 2017. Today, the Coastal NGOs Alliance led by COAST Trust demanded immediate budget allocation for urgent repairmen of the embankments in Bhola and Cox’s Bazar. The alliance placed the demand from human chain and rally organized in Bhola and Cox’s Bazar. At both the human chain local leaders, Journalists, NGOs and civil society representatives and community peoples participated. After the human chain in Bhola the participant also met the local press to reaffirm their demands. They upheld the current situation of water inundation due to high tide during 11th and 12th June’17. They urged the government for DSCN3626_Indextallocating budget for immediate repair of embankment damaged by Roanu. They also emphasized on undertaking broader plan for construction of permanent embankment in the coastal area. The also demanded reform of the Water Development Board.
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Seminar “Climate Change: Bangladesh and Bay of Bengal Regional Cooperation” at CIRDAP

Date & Time: 20 June, 2017 10.30am to 1.00pm

  1. Seminar Outline
  2. Summary Presentation on different writers of BIMSTEC Country by Syed Aminul Hoque of COAST
  3. Presentation on Climate Change Adaptation by Haseeb Md. Irfanullah of IUCN Bangladesh
  4. Climate change in the Bay of Bengal Region “Exploring Sectoral Cooperation for Sustainable Development”


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CSO Positioning on Bangladesh VNR on SDGs in UN HLPF 2017 Govt. of Bangladesh is going to present Voluntary National Review (VNR) on SDGs in...