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Leaftlet Fisher-1_IndexThe fish and fisheries are playing a significant role for the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. This sector contributes 3% of total export earning, 4.37% to GDP and 23.37% to agriculture sector. In 2013-2014
the annual fish production was 3.548 million metric ton (MT) where hilsa (Tenualosailisha) production was
0.351 million MT and that contributes 11% of total fish production and 1% of national GDP in the country (Sharker et all, Fish Aqua J 2016, 7.2). Among the fish, the national fish hilsa has made its place into the  Bengali culture and it is highly nutritious and delicious. Hilsa is in [Click here for details report]

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Leaftlet Roanu Final-1_IndexCOAST addressed acute needs of the affected community of Kutubdia. Shelter management and evacuation, water and sanitation, humanitarian advocacy, community assets building and kits distribution for primary school children were evidential needs of the community among others. Significances of COAST’s working approaches include coordinating and involving government authority, elected leaders, policy makers and affected people in meaningful ways. As a result, community and stakeholders of Kutubdia Island felt ownership. Click here for details