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Report: Report on Asian Financial Institution Forum 2020, Bangkok, Thailand

Duration: 22-23 January, 2020

Place: Thailand

Participant: Tarik Sayed Harun, Deputy Director- Core Program

Microfinance investors of all backgrounds have nourished a steady trend, both validating and benefiting from its success, continuously investing and reinvesting in this growing niche. Foreign investment fund assets have enjoyed a 20% compounded annual growth rate since the United Nations year of micro-credit in 2005, reaching over USD 11 billion in size today. The financial institutions they invest in have grown even faster: the microfinance institutions (MFIs) Symbiotic works with have witnessed a 27% compounded annual growth rate in assets and 23% in end clients over the past decade. More importantly, they have evolved and become more sophisticated, providing payments, savings, insurance and mobile solutions but also diversifying the credit range from household consumption and small business lending into education, agriculture, housing or energy loans. Foreign investors in microfinance have most astonishingly contributed to a growth of end clients directly financed from 500,000 ten years ago to 24 million today. This development towards greater global financial inclusion will certainly continue in the coming decades. Details report click here

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Report: Report on 9th World Human Rights Cities Forum ( WHRCF) 2019 Gwangju, South Korea

Duration: Dec 30- 02 October, 2019

Place: South Korea

Participant: Mustafa Kamal Akanda, Deputy Director

Organized by the UCLG Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law ( RWI) and the International Human Rights Cities  Network ( IHRC-Net)  and In partnership with the Gwangju Metropolitan City and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) .

Gwangju Metropolitan Honorable City Mayor Mr. Lee Yeng sup he is chief Guest of the opening ceremony. Mr. Lee said I heartily welcome you to Gwangju, a world –renowned human rights a universal value for humanity throughout the world. I hope all of you attending the human Rights Cities Forum have a precious and personal experience with the sprit and values while you stay in Gwangju. Thank you again for visiting Gwangju and look forward to this Human Rights Cities Forum having a great achievement.
Details Report click here

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Report: Report on Validation Workshop on Blue Economy Study in South and South-East Asia

Duration: Dec 5-7, 2019

Place: India Social Institute, Delhi, India

Participant: Sanat K. Bhowmik, Director

Introduction: SNEHA (Social Need Education and Human Awareness, based in Tamilnadu, India working with the small-scale fishers organized a validation workshop for study on Blue Economy (BE) in New Delhi during 5-7, 2019. A Study related to Blue Economy was conducted by a research team comprising from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Sri Lank and Thailand during October 2018 to March, 2019 in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. COAST-Bangladesh, ICSF-India, EQUATION-India, DISHA-India, NAFSO-Sri Lanka, WFFP, Public Finance and Public Accountability Collective-India, Social Development Foundation -Thailand participated in the workshop. The objectives of the workshop are to i) to validate the study report and ii) to take preparation for International Tribunal in September 2020 in New Delhi. Click here details report

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Report: Report on ADRRN Annual General Meeting held in 11-14 Dec, Thailand.

Duration: Dec 11-24, 2018

Place: Bangkok, Thailand

Participant: Sanat K. Bhowmik, Director

Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN) is a network including different NGOs which are working in the field of disaster risk reduction in Asia Pacific region. We got the membership from ADRRN in 2007. From that period we are attending in the annual meeting of ADRRN. Every year ADRRN secretariat organizes an annual meeting. In 2018 the secretariat organized meeting in Bangkok, Thailand during 11-14 December, 2018 where I was one of the participants on behalf of COAST. Other organization like Dhaka Community Hospital Trust, Bangladesh, Dwip Unnyan Shangstha, Bangladesh, SEEDS India, MERCY Malaysia, Japan Platform, UN-OCHA, ICVA, National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET), Nepal, STAR Afghanistan, HIF, IFRC and Centre for Disaster Preparedness, Philippines. The meeting was organized by UNOCHA, Bangkok.

This year the meeting was called as the Asia-Pacific Regional NGO Partnerships Week-2018. The main agenda were, Launching Sphere Hand Book 2018, Localizing the Nexus in Asia-Pacific, Achievements of Regional Innovation Forum, Strengthening Regional Response in Asia-Pacific, ADRRN AGM and The Grand Bargain Reflections on Progress in the Region. [Click here for full report]