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Report on : National Micro Finance Conference 2012
Meeting Duration and place : Bangabandhu International Conference Centre, Dhaka on May 30, 2012

Participant : Sanat K. Bhowmik

A day long National Micro Finance Conference 2012 was held in Bangabandhu International Conference Centre, Dhaka on May 30, 2012. The conference was organized by Credit and Development Forum (CDF) Bangladesh and sponsored by BRAC, BURO Bangladesh, TMSS, Muslim Aid, UDDIPAN, BEES, ASA, Padakhep, POPI, INAFI, COAST, VERC, SAJIDA Foundation, Stromme Foundation etc. and some other commercial banks like BRAC Bank, UCB, ONE Bank, Prime Bank Ltd. Pubali Bank Ltd. Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd.

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Report on : National Workshop on social Change Forum
Meeting Duration and place : 15-16 May 2012. Shahbag, Dhaka.
Participant : Md. Mujibul Haque Munir

The Ministry of Women and Child Affair is implementing a project titled Enabling Environment for Child Rights (EECR) with the financial support of UNICEF. The EECR project organized the two days workshop to develop a National social Change Forum. This forum will work to address the harmful practices having detrimental effects on the development of children. There will be National Forum along with sub national level chapters to strengthen community based social networks, facilitate discourses and promote changes in key social norms, starting with three harmful practices i.e. child marriage, corporal punishment and child labour.

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Report on : Seminar on Political Economy of Food Rights
Meeting Duration: May 12 2012
Venue: CIRDAP Auditorium, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Participant : Md. Mujibul Haque Munir

The seminar on aforesaid title was held to discuss on political scenario as well as the economic circumstances of Bangladesh on regard of the rights of food. The seminar was organized on 12 May at the CIRDAP, Dhaka.

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Report on :National conference on “Rio+20”: Citizen Perspective on Sustainable Development
Meeting Duration: May 9-10, 2012
Participant : Syaed Aminul Haque

The two days national conference on the issue of Rio+20 and sustainable development is held at BIAM foundation on 9th and 10th May 2012. This conference organized by Dhaka School of Economics, Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad and CGC (Centre for Global Change).

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Report on : Meeting on Domestic Election Observer with National Democratic Institute (NDI)
Meeting Duration and place : 04 May 2012. Gulshan, Dhaka.

Participant : Abdulla Al Mahmud

A meeting was held on Monday, June 4, 2012 which was organized by National Democratic Institute (NDI) at Gulshan office. Basically this meeting is introduce Election Working Group partner between National Democratic Institute. In that relation before start the meeting thirty five participants who have represent their organization, they gave a short introduction to NDI authority on behalf of their organization and shared some past election experience in their working areas.

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Report on : Asia Pacific Civil Society Post-Busan: A Regional Peer learning from Busan and the Ways Forward and Post Busan Global CSO Meeting

Meeting Duration: 18 – 23 February 2012

Venue: Cebu, Philippines

Participant : M. Sohel Iqbal


The Reality of Aid (RoA)- an independent review of poverty reduction and development assistance, has organized a workshop (19 – 20 February 2012) on a regional peer learning from Busan and the ways forward at Cebu, Philippines. The objectives of the workshop are: assess civil society advocacy and engagement leading up to and during Busan to identify the strengths and challenges for CSOs and to reflect on the impact of their engagement, including their work on CSO development effectiveness and enabling environment; facilitate peer-to-peer learning sharing of appropriate tools and resources on advocacy and effective engagement strategies on aid and development effectiveness; strategize on civil society engagement post-Busan at the country and regional levels; and provide input for the post-Busan global CSO assembly.
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Meeting Duration: February 8-10, 2012

Venue: Hotel Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Participant : Sanat K. Bhowmik

Introduction: Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN) is a network including different NGOs which are working in the field of disaster risk reduction in Asia Pacific region. We got the membership from ADRRN in 2007. From that period we are attending in the annual meeting of ADRRN. Every year ADRRN secretariat organizes an annual meeting. In 2012 the secretariat organized meeting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia during February 8-10, 2012 where I was one of the participants on behalf of COAST Trust.

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Date : August 15 -17 , 2011

Title : Promoting a transformative agenda for sustainable development

Venue: Suan Dusit Place Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

Participant : Dr Sohel Iqbal


A three-days regional conference on Development Models and CSO Strategizing Session on Rio+20 has been organized by Reality of Aid (RoA) at Bangkok, Thailand (15 -17 August 2011). The major objectives of the conference are:

Increase the awareness and understanding of CSOs and peoples’ movements in the South on key issues in Busan (including a new consensus on development) to inform a coordinated Asia Pacific action plan and CSO message for the Busan High Level Forum
Bring different CSOs and people’s movements in the South into a common discussion to exchange ideas, experiences and analyses on development models in practice and reflect on the challenges and opportunities for promoting sustainable development.

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Report on: The Livelihood of Coastal people of Bangladesh is very much in Peril

Prepared by: Md. Shafiuddin

Climate change is expected to have a significant effect on Bangladesh. Especially the coastal people will be seriously faced in danger. A recent research study (Chowdhury,S.R. has been shown that the sea surface temperature of the Bay of Bengal is increased seriously. The increase temperature ratio is higher night time then day time. For that reason the cyclones, tornados and flood-tide will be increased day by day. As a result coastal people will be lost their house, wealth, boat-net and cattle etc.

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