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idclInfrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) was established on 14 May 1997 by the Government of Bangladesh (GOB). The Company was licensed by Bangladesh Bank as a non-bank financial institution (NBFI) on 5 January 1998. Since its inception, IDCOL is playing a major role in bridging the financing gap for developing medium and large-scale infrastructure and renewable energy projects in Bangladesh. The company now stands as the market leader in private sector energy and infrastructure financing in Bangladesh.

How we related with IDCOL:

  1. Coastal Renewable Energy Project

web link: Infrastructure Development Company Ltd

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euOriginally, the role of the European Commission’s External Service was to represent it in trade negotiations and to undertake development co-operation activities. Over the years the External Service, in the form of delegations and representative offices, have also come to represent European interests in many other areas of EU activity. The development of new areas of EU action, and in particular the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), has given an additional dimension to the work of these offices.

How we related with EU :

  1. School Feeding Program

web link : The Delegation of the European Union

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mjfManusher Jonno Foundation is an initiative designed to promote ‘human rights’ and ‘good governance’ in Bangladesh . It is committed to:

• Promoting voices of people whose rights are being denied and violated
• Creating social environment in building people’s dignity
• Channeling isolated, unlinked efforts about human rights and governance into linked and aligned actions
• Challenging the vested interests and established hierarchies in the society that perpetuate poverty

MJF works with different sectors of the society including non-government organizations, civil society, private sector, and state institutions. It provides financial and technical support to the stakeholders in creating an enabling environment where human rights and good governance are upheld and nurtured by the stakeholders.

How we related with MJF:

  1. Strengthening Local Governance for Pro poor Service Delivery

web link: Manusher Jonno Foundation

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unicefUNICEF has been working in Bangladesh for 60 years. During that time, UNICEF provided emergency relief to thousands of war refugees and children caught in several of the world’s worst cyclones. Millions of people have benefited from UNICEF’s health, water and education programmes. And far away, in Madison Square Garden, a concert for Bangladesh and for UNICEF changed the world.

How we are related with UNICEF:

  1. Communication for Development
  2. Organize Campaign on Climate Change and Establish computer hub (OCCCECH)

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DFIDWe work with the Bangladesh government and development partners to fight poverty and help build a prosperous and stable country. Bangladesh faces several challenges, which include meeting the demands of a large and increasingly urban population while dealing with the shocks of natural disasters and climate change. The UK’s strategy for its development work in Bangladesh builds on the progress already made and aims to help the country achieve its ambition to become a middle-income country that no longer needs aid.

How we are related with DFID:

1. Responsive Union Parisfad

Web Link: DFID Bangladesh

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World FishReduce poverty and hunger by improving fisheries and aquaculture. In the developing world, more than one billion poor people obtain most of their animal protein from fish and 250 million depend on fishing and aquaculture for their livelihoods. WorldFish, an international, nonprofit research organization, harnesses the potential of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture to increase food and nutrition security and promote better livelihoods.

How we are related with World Fish- ICLARM Bangladesh:

1. Enhance Coastal Fisheries Activity in Bhola District

Web link: World Fish- ICLARM Bangladesh

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USAIDThe USAID Mission in Bangladesh is one of the largest USAID development assistance programs in the world. USAID has been a development partner in Bangladesh since the country’s independence in 1971. The Agency currently dedicates its resources to promote democratic institutions and practices; expand economic opportunity; improve health and education services; increase food security and support Bangladeshi efforts to mitigate the impact of natural disasters.

How we are related with USAID:
1. Enhance Coastal Fisheries Activity in Bhola District

Web link: USAID

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MAXWELLMaxwell Stamp is one of the world’s leading international economics consultancies. Established in 1959, we have over 50 years of experience in over 165 countries and territories. Our track record in transition and developing countries is unparalleled from Albania to Zambia. We are London based, but have a permanent office in Bangladesh and project offices around the world. Our wide range of clients includes national and regional governments, international organisations, NGOs and public and private sector companies.

How we are related with Maxwell Stamp PLC:
1. Justice For Safety

Web Link: Maxwell Stamp PLC

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sfStrømme Foundation in Bangladesh:
Bangladesh is the country where we have worked for the longest period of time. Here, poverty is fought primarily through education and microfinance. We particularly emphasize the importance of strengthening adolescent girls’ positions in their families and communities, as well as stimulating the civil society and promoting economic opportunities.

How we are related with Stromme Foundation:

  1. Education and Advocacy
  2. Micro Finance

web link: Stromme Foundation

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pksfPKSF was established by the Government of Bangladesh in 1990 as the apex organization with the mandate to alleviate poverty through generating employment. PKSF disburses fund to microfinance institutions (MFIs) who are its Partner Organizations (POs) to implement development programs designed for the poor of Bangladesh. At present PKSF has 257 MFIs as its PO providing financial services that have grown in width as well as in breadth. Through PKSF’s widespread PO network, the organization has access to all districts in the country as evident with total disbursement of BDT 454.81 Billion has been disbursed to 8.6 Million borrowers so far.

How we are related with PKSF:

  1. Micro Finance
  2. Micro Finance Technical Support Project (MFTSP)

Web link : Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation ( PKSF )