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Aina, a raped ten years old minority girl, got the opportunity of justice.

Aina, a ten years old minority girl which father’s name is Taposh Chandro De, was raped on 31 March, 2011 by the local terrorist named Munir. As Taposh Chandro was a poor person of minor community, he did not dare to file a case against the majority. Even he had no ability to give her daughter proper treatment. In the mean time, Badol Chandro, a member of COAST Jonosongoton organized by Local Governance Project, extended his helping hands and with the help of COAST and Jonosangoton, victim’s father Taposh Chadro De was able to file the case against the criminal. COAST also beard all treatment costs of the victims from its Social Justice Program fund. In this way Aina could defend her right of getting justice.

On 31 March,2011 at 8 am. Aina (ten years old minority girl) was raped by a local terrorist named Munir. This incident was happened at 09 no ward, Kutuba union, Burhanuddin Upazila in Bhola. On that day Union election was going on and everybody was going to vote center. Munir got Aina alone and called her to his sister’s house. There he raped her. With the assistance of COAST Jonosongoton leader named Badol , she was admitted to general hospital of Burhauddin. But doctor could not stop her bleeding and he referred the patient to general hospital of Bhola. Then COAST bared all cost of medical treatment from its Social Justice Emergency Fund and brought the patient to Bhola General Hospital. When the patient was suffering from insufficient blood, Project Coordinator-LGP, Mofazzel Haque Alamin donated his own blood to the patient .Doctor Surya Yesmin of general hospital of Bhola examined the symptoms and gave the report that it was an incident of rape. Next day on 01 April, 2011 victim’s father Taposh Chandro de filed a rape case with Burhanuddin Thana by the help of Jonosogoton leader Badol where Badol became a witness of this case. From COAST Trust Project Coordinator-LGP Mofazzel Haque Alami, Coordinator Shamim Hossen and Iqubal Hossen were also the witness of this rape case.

Officer in Charge of Burhanuddin thana said that this incident was recorded as rape case and the only one accused was Munir. We got the record of victim’s speech on 22 ordinances. We were trying heart and soul to arrest the criminal as soon as possible. This incident was published in different local news paper such as The Daily Ajker Bhola of 1st April, 2011. The case number is 01/48.

It is very important and remarkable part in this incident that in Burhauddin, the existing socio-cultural environment is very much adverse to the poor minor community. Here minor community can not dare to file any case with thana against any majority at any sorts of offence. But in this incident it is possible to file case against an influential majority family. The cause behind this success of filling a case against a majority family is that Local Governance Project of COAST Trust funded by Manusher Jonno Foundation has been working here which main objective is to create a pro-active and competent People’s Organization ( Jonosongoton) as a right claiming and defending mechanism in favour of poor and minor community. Consequently Jonsongoton leader named Badol Chandro de, the president of 8 no ward Tri Sena Morcha, has shown the courage to file a case against the majority and become a witness of this case.

This incident has played a great effect to this locality. Poor and minor community are realizing that they are not alone as earlier. Now they have the courage to claim and defend their rights and entitlement.

Hamidimg1aYesmin is 15 years old. Her father Sayed Ahmed leads family by selling betel leaves. Hamida lives at Khuruskul union under Cox’sBazar sadar upazila. They are 3 sisters and 5 brothers. She was forced to drop from schools due to her father’s poverty. Later she got admitted to Shonglap centre. She graduated from east Khulia para Shonglap centre. She learnt various 12 essential issues which are needed to her daily life. She practices these learning regularly and tries for doing others. She got training on goat rearing and poultry. After completing 1 year Shonglap course she received taka 3000 from COAST in February 2011 and bought two goats.

Now Hamida goes to school again. She takes care of her goats regularly. She wants to carry on her study from earning of goat rearing. She dreams to be a teacher in future after completing her study.

dairy_farmLaizu Begum is a house wife at Char Umed village, Lalmohan Upazila under Bhola district. She is a member of Shafali Somity (micro finance group) of COAST Trust at Char Umed branch. Her husband is a small tea shopkeeper. They were unable to maintain four family members by this income. From the beginning she has a local bred cow. She knew about cross bred cow in group meeting. Due to want of capital she was unable to purchase cross bred cow. She discussed the matter with COAST technical officer. He suggested her for artificial insemination. She was interested and her cow was inseminated artificially in a centre. After due time she got a Holstein Friesian heifer (calf). COAST Trust provided her the napier grass for her cow. At present she has an excellent napier plot. Now she is getting more nutrition for cow & calf. As well as the milk production has been increased. At present she got 2.0-2.5 litter milk every day. She keeps an Laizu nursing her cow amount for her family consumption and rest amount is sold in the market. Now her 2400/- monthly income is near about

Now Laizu hopes a cross bred small dairy farm for financial solvency. Her husband agreed to spend few time for dairy farm. It is a fact that milk production doesn’t raise due to cause of local breed but the cross bred calf can be improved by body in nature. The veterinary science teaches us that seven times artificially insemination we can get original breed (96%). She is getting continuous technical support from COAST technical staff.