Experts suggested thinking about other alternatives instead of considering repatriation as the only solution to the Rohingya crisis. Along with this, they also urged the government to take the effective initiative to highlight the present situation and future risks of the Rohingya crisis to the intellectuals and thinkers of different countries. On 13 June 2019 the daily Samakal and COAST Trust organized a roundtable discussion titled ‘Human Dignity of Rohingya: Bangladesh Perspectives’. Speakers’ opinion and suggestions are mentioned in brief click here

There are three reasons including, (a) Grand Bargain Bangladesh mission has given specific recommendations in last September 2018 on localization and Rohingya response in Bangladesh advising for a roadmap to implement those in next 3 years. We identified 26 parameters from the mission report to implement (enclosed herewith). (b) The essential support services are already established in the refugee camps. Please download details position paper from here

As a people centered national NGO, COAST has been implementing various development activities since 1998. Now, it also feels that, it has to face the challenges of ensuring the sustainability of its development endeavors. Like the previous every year, 2017 was another glaring example of that endeavors. During this reporting year, COAST implemented development activities specially for institutional development, community empowerment, women and adolescent girls’ empowerment, food security, medical services, fighting climate change, youth development, education, emergency response, community radio, equity and justice etc. This Annual Report 2017 capture some stories of those fights to ensure fortification.

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