JRP Seminar 12 May 2018

JRP Seminar 12 May 2018


 Date and Place: 12 May 2018, 10.00 to 14.00 hours, Uni Resort, Kolatoli, Cox’s Bzar.

1. Outline for Information Sharing Meeting on JRP 2018 for Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis and affected Host Communities in Cox’s Bazar [Download]

2. Agenda, guests, panelists and time sequence for the Information sharing meeting on 12th May 2018 [Download]

3. Keynote presentation in English for 12th May event [ISCG Presentation] [ISCG Presentation Bangla] [JRP Presentation] [JRP Presentation Bangla]

4. Participant list for 12th May event.


5.  Sector wise information on Host Community planning

6.  Brief report on the Public Dialogue on the Research on Host Community held in Cox’s Bazar, 31 March 2018 [Download