Learning from Coastal Integrated Technology Extension Program

Learning from Coastal Integrated Technology Extension Program

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IndexCOAST is implementing a development project named Coastal Integrated Technology Extension Program (CITEP) from its own fund. COAST is spending about 40 lacs taka per year and managing this fund from its surplus of micro finance operation. There are 23 field staffs who are working directly with the farmers for promoting the technologies to ensure sustainable development in agriculture and livelihoods of the poor coastal communities. So far, about 5000 farmers have been brought under different direct services. There are some excellent achievements in this program,
here are two examples:
Yeanur Begum: Successful Vaccinator
COAST has provided vaccination training to some poor women, who are now working as vaccinator. They are providing vaccination to their communities’ chicken and duck and ensuring income.eanur Yeanur Begum is on of those vaccinators.

Yeanur Begum was a girl of Aligao village under Charfassion upazila of Bhola district. She was to give up her study and get married when she was just 16. The married life for the first couple of years was good, but once her husband Md. Farukh’s income decreased To bring some ease to her family, Yeanur Begum was looking for an income option. In 2005 she got contact of COAST Trust and got a 7 days training on vaccination. COAST also provided free flax to carry vaccine.

Coming back from the training, Yeanur Begum immediately had started to give vaccines to her neighbors chickens and ducks, her first month income was taka 500.

Inspiring by that first income Yeanur Begum had begun to expand her services to nearby villages and knowing about services villagers also had started to come to her. Her regular income increased into taka 1200 to 1500. That amount was little, but sufficient for Yeanur to meet daily needs for her children. Yeanur started to send her children to schools, all the fees, material cost was being bore by Yeanur. Her husband was happy with her effort.

Yeanur’s elder daughter has secured A+ in SSC examination, two other daughters are also going to school, she has another boy, and she has a dream to make him doctor in future.

Yeanur has bought some ducks and chickens, thus income has been increased in another way. Now her monthly income is about taka 2000 to 2500. She can now dream herself; her dream is to make her children educated and self reliant.

Renu Bibi: Successful Entrepreneur

Renu Bibi has 2 boys and 1 girl, but her husband was almost jobless. That was why she was looking for doing renusomething herself. She had started with just enthusiasm, nothing else. After couple of years, she is now earning about 7-8 thousand taka per month.

Renu Bibi was a poor housewife of Daulath Ka Paurasova (municipality), bhola district. She got training on mini hatchery, a technique of hatching using rice-husk in a small place. She got technical and financial support from COAST.

In the first batch she hatched 100 eggs, her income was taka 2000. Now she can hatch about 1500 to 2000 eggs and her monthly income is about taka 7 to 8 thousand.

With this income Renu can now manage her family well; she had bought a boat to her husband, now her husband is doing small business.

Renu is now providing training to other poor housewives. She is now an icon to them.

Note: Recently Palli Karma Sohayak Foundation (PKSF), the apex state-run body of financing MFI’s, organized a meeting on Micro Finance Technical Support (MFTS) Program in Dhaka. MFTS was a program to ensure sustainable agricultural and livelihood development of MF beneficiaries. These two beneficiaries shared their experiences as successful beneficiaries of COAST MFTS (now CITEP) at that meeting .

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