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Mizanur Rahman of COAST Trust Quoted in Newspaper thethirdpole.net “Hopes and fears as crab hatcheries proliferate in Bangladesh” Dated on 27 January 2020

COAST Trust, a national non-government organisation, has established the crab hatchery in Cox’s Bazar with the technical and financial support of the Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF). Md. Moshararaf, the assistant general manager of PKSF said that the crab hatchery programme has been undertaken at the entrepreneurial level to create opportunities on a large scale to create income and employment opportunities targeting to the local people.

Mizan Rahman, senior coordinator of crab project, told thethirdpole.net that at first they had collected about 30 mother crabs from Maheshkhali River Island eight months ago. They nurtured these crabs for 42 days in the mother unit of hatchery until they had laid their eggs in their abdominal sacs. Click here details report

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