Origin & Legal Affiliation

COAST (www.coastbd.net) has emerged as an NGO from a ten-year-old project of an international NGO since the beginning of 1998. It was a project situated in the southern part of Bhola island, i.e., in the mouth of the Bay of Bengal where joint flow of world mighty river Ganjes and Brhamaputra are met, this is one of the world most dangerous cyclone zone. It was painstaking nationalization process have had happened during the period of 1994-1997, mainly these are reducing overhead cost in building capacity and enhancing coverage, empowering beneficiaries to change their role as an active partner of the development initiatives and finally forming board to ensure local accountability. It has set of values related to its working approach those are Pro-Poor Existence, Experiential Learning, Learning by doing, Equality of Human Potentials, Economy in personal and organizational Behavior, Respect to own Culture, Gender Equality, Right to Participation in Decision making, Communication, Relation and Accountability, People’s Organization, Governance and Environment & diversity. These have been prepared during the period of 1998-99.

Legal Affiliation

  Certificate Number

Last Renew Date
NGO Affairs Bureau of Prime Minister’s Office 1242  24th Feb`1998 23rd Feb`2028
Micro credit Regulatory Authority 00956-04041-00068  29th Nov`2007  Yearly Renew
Law & Parliamentary affairs; Trustee Act. 64 24th Sep`1997 4th August`2012


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