Disaster Policy

Stand-by Disaster Policy and Contingency Plan

1.Rules of field staff during disaster

The working areas of COAST are disaster prone areas. So, during the disaster the COAST staff has responsibilities to work for the community. They are also responsible for preserving good condition of the official documents. In considering this the field staff will perform the following steps without getting any executive orders.

2. Steps to be taken by the branch staff before disaster

If the signal no. will be 7and the direction will be to the working areas then the Unit Manager will take the following steps:

  1. S/he will make plan how the women, disable, children and older can be shifted to cyclone shelter prioritizedly and s/he will arrange a meeting with unit staff.
  2. S/he will arrange miking to the community for taking shelter to the cyclone centre.
  3. Unit Manager will stop all the other activities of the office and he will deposit all the cash in hand to the bank. In case of emergency unit manager will keep in hand taka 3000/-.
  4. Preserve food for three days so that the food can be consumed by seven people. If the cyclone will not hit then the food will be used by the office mess and staff will reimburse the money.
  5. The unit manager and other staff will preserve all the documents within a plastic paper.
  6. The local female staff will be given leave for staying their house. If cyclone will not hit, or change the direction or down the signal then without any information the female staff will join to the office.
  7. The unit manager will preserve 50 packet of Oral Saline and a torch light along with new batteries.  In first time the cost of battery will be borne by office and then by staff.
  8. No afraid rather the regional and central staff will communicate with unit staff. On the other hand the unit staff will help the community people for the risk reduction of disaster.
3. Steps to be taken if unit manager will be sure that the cyclone will hit the area
  1. For one week the activities of groups will be stopped.
  2. By 24 hours of cyclone hit the information will be sent to the central office through a  prescribed format.
  3. Emergency rescue will be started with Unit Janashanghathan leaders.
4. Rules of Regional Management Centre during disaster

Regional Management Centre will coordinate with thana (sub district) level government officials. They will be present in different meetings at thana level. If the Regional Program Coordinator will be ensure that the cyclone will hit the area then s/he will perform the following activities:

  1. By 48 hours damage will be assessed and sent to the central management center.
  2. All the tube wells will be repaired.
  3. The health information will be disseminated to the community addressing to the women and children, disable and older.
  4. If any one from central office will not communicate with the Regional Program Coordinator with in 24 hours then s/he will communicate with his/her own initiatives.
5. During the disaster the rules of all staff
  1. The news from radio will be followed, to be monitored, to be disseminated and respond to disaster rehabilitation.
  2. Involved with the rehabilitation program and will not be waiting for other external resources.
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