Micro Finance with RBA

COAST is a people centered non-government development organization (NGO) that has been working in the coastal areas of Bangladesh since 1984. At present COAST is working with 97,610 poor families who are being supported with revolving credit of US $ 5.24 millions. The annual operating cost of the organization is US $ 2.16 millions in 2009-2010 while, it belongs fixed asset of US $ 0.22 millions. COAST maintains a reasonable standard in governance through ensuring high degree of participation,transparency, accountability and gender sensitivity in policy and practice level,all information are available in www.coastbd.net. Since 1995, along with enhanced level of income and asset building for the coastal poor, COAST has re-organized a process to integrate rights based approach (RBA) with its micro finance (MF) program to enable poor families to claim their rights and entitlements from the state-run service providing agencies. Those programs are running from the surplus income out of a progressive micro finance operation. This paper is just to brief our experiences on the integration of Rights Based Approach with micro.

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