Policy and Guideline

1. IT Policy and Guideline [Download]

2. COAST Communication Policy [Bangla] [English]

3. COAST Virtual Training/Meeting Policy, July, 2020 [Download]

4. COAST MEAL Policy [Download]

5. Staff Welfare Policy and its Executive Committee [Download]

6. COAST Safeguarding Policy [Bangla] [English]

 7. Risk assessment _Policy in terms of SEA_Gender Relation_livelihood Security [Bangla] [English]

 8. Complaint and Response Mechanism Policy [Bangla] [English]

 9. Personal information security policy [Bangla] [English]

 10. Revised_Emergency Procurement Policy [Download]

11. Conflict of Interest [Download]

12. COAST Code of Conduct [Bangla] [English]

13. Security & Staff well being Policy [Bangla] [English]

14. Medical Support Policy Revised 2017 [Download]

15. Organisation’s Leave Policy of Festival Leave Revised 2018 [Download]

16. Chart of Accounts_2017 [Download]

17. Child and Vulnerable adults Protection Policy [Bangla] [English]

18. Gender Policy [Download]

19. Anti-Corruption Policy [Download]

20. COAST Monitoring Approach [Download]

21. Protection from Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse Policy Revised February_2015 [ Download]

22. Gratuity Policy [ Download ]

23. Zero Tolerance Policy [Download]

24. Whistle Blowing Policy [Download]

25. HR & Administration Management Policy July 2019 [ Bangla] [English]

26. Revisions of some clauses of HR & Administration Management Policy [Download]

27. Green Policy [ Download]

28. Procurement Policy [Download]

29. Finance manual policy [Download]

30. Data Back up and Internet Security Policy [Download]

31. Image Policy of COAST Trust [Download]

32. Health and Safety Rules Policy 2021 [Download]

33. COAST Succession Plan [Download]

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