Professional Standard

Good health and good mind We should integrate the mental and physical labour. For this why we should take slight exercise. To keep mind fresh we should create comfortable work environment. We will also integrate among the personal and organizational plan.

Global knowledge and continuous training Though we are working with a specific matter but our knowledge should be updated and we will keep ourselves in a process of continuous training.

We should have regular review and planning We should review our daily work in a quite and calm place and time and we should identify the learning points and we will note down them. As per those learning we will make plan for the next day.

Courtesy and Personality Our courtesy will take care of to others feelings and our knowledge, approach, cleanliness and good dress will reflect our personality.

Advance Information and Pre-preparedness If we want to get others appointment, if we want to give message to others then those should be done before seven days of starting. Not only that is any body wants to participate and workshop, meeting etc s/he should take preparation through brain storming process.

Supportive Supervision and staff training We will continue our supportive supervision to the colleagues. Our success will not only depend on our work but also the work of colleagues. We always keep the environment so that staff can learn something from the process.

Communication Initiatives According to our minimum ability we will keep our communication with our relatives and friends. We will not block our communication if we not in any major problem. We will also continuous our communication with our well-wishers.

Good Behavior but strict in Principle We will strict to hold the organizational principle but our behavior will be mild to others. For the sake of organization we will control our emotion, anger.