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Our values

Our values

In October and November 1998, COAST staff members took part in a discussion about formulating a strategic direction for the next ten years and developed values through a series of workshops. The values were approved in the fifth meeting of the Board of Trustees in February 1999.

We exist for the poor and for their interest.

We believe that what we are doing is not the final answer to the quest for development. The progressive cycle of learning, actions and experiences will pave the way for our destination.

We work based on what we know. We say what we understand. We don’t do or say anything we don’t know or understand. Therefore, we never hesitate to admit our mistakes. We are always ready to learn what is new.

We believe in the equality of human potentialities as human beings are born with equal potentials. If equal opportunities, resources and facilities are made available, everyone can develop equally.

We believe in economy not only in our personal life but also in organizational behavior. Because, consuming culture, and in most cases, competitions may expose individuals as well as organizations to a great danger.

We may stand differently in terms of salary and responsibilities. But we all are equal in showing honor to each other.

We believe in the equality of men and women. The inequality in gender is due to imposition of socio-cultural differences. Women should be provided with special facilities of positive discrimination since they play a very vital role in raising children up.

We think that the person who makes or implement a decision and the individual who is influenced or affected by the decision have the rights to expressing respective opinions before the decision is made.

We want to acquire the best form all the different cultures of the world but we want to uphold and maintain our down tradition and cultural heritage.

Our thoughts must be updated, modern and universal. Therefore, we want to make the best use of communication and education materials even within our limited capacities.

We try to keep good relationship with all without compromising our values and organizational interest. Since we are people-centered, we do not have any hesitation of being accountable to anyone for our activities.

We believe in the separate role of people’s organization of the poor, oppressed and vulnerable. Therefore, we play the animator role building up and alternative power structure.

We believe in demand mediation and of being accountable in relationship between the government agencies and people. Therefore, we try to mobilize the people to place their legitimate agencies and in the political process rather than developing alternative services or channel for those people.

We believe in ecological perseverance and balance. Therefore, we give due importance to the local knowledge of culture and tradition. As we want to keep those diversities intact for the next generation, we think globally and act locally in this context.

COAST believes that it should be a value-driven organization since it is trying to develop a value-oriented human resources base. It works for structural poverty reduction while it implements any project or stands for an opinion. So it is important to maintain a minimum level of management standard. It was, however, agreed in that meeting that COAST activities would be reviewed in terms of these values in participation with staff.

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