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Date: 22-24 December 2014.

Vanue: Podokhhep Manobik Unnoyan Kendra, Shyamoli, Dhaka.

Background: A two and half days Learning training was held at Podokhhep Manobik Unnoyan Kendra, Shyamoli, Dhaka organized by Oxfam, CSRL from December 22-24, 2014 and ended with sharing of experiences of participants.  More than twenty five participants came from diversified areas and many remote places of Bangladesh.  They were from different NGOs– SBC, Jago Nari, COAST Trust, ALO, IDEA, Prochesta, AVAS, PESD, USS, GSK, CDS, ISDA, Sharee, MSP, MUK, Prantojon and AFNAN.

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Barkat Ullah Maruf has got the award of `Best Screenplay 2009’ from the Bangladesh Cine Journalists Association (BCJA). He has got the award for his extra ordinary work for the screenplay of the feature film titled ‘Priotomeshu (Beloved one)’. Priyotomeshu is the first Bangladeshi feature film produced in digital format.
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Technical Advisory Group Meeting in London, UK 2014 on Core Humanitarian Standards

Date: October 29 to November 1, 2014

Vanue: London


As per the HAP invitation I joined the Technical Advisory Group Meeting in London, UK during October 29 to November 1, 2014 on behalf of our Executive Director. The meeting was organized jointly by HAPI, People In Aid and the Sphere Project. Key objectives of the program were i) to elaborate discussion of the version3 of Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS), ii) to give the validation of the version3 and iii) to make ready the document for launching in Copenhagen on December 12, 2014. The standards are the results of two-year consultation process across the humanitarian sector. It drew together key elements of existing humanitarian standards and commitments.

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Discussion on Baseline survey findings on selected villages for VAW free initiatives

Date: 17th April 2014

Venue: The Daily Star Auditorium.

The discussion meeting was organized to share the findings of a survey which was conducted in selected villages. Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) has been working since 2002 to make those villages free from Violation Against Women (VAW). MJF has been working in 179 upazilas of 38 districts. The survey was conducted in 91 villages. The Program was organized at The Daily Star auditorium on 17th April 2014.

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Report on Annual Conference (SHOW ME THE MONEY) 2014 organized by ICVA.

Date: April 3, 2014

Venue: Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Prepared by : Sanat K Bhawmik


This year the theme of the annual conference of the International Council for Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) was “SHOW ME THE MONEY”. The conference was held in Geneva, Switzerland during April 1-2, 2014. Key objectives of the program were i) to explore the innovative funds for the humanitarian response and assistance, ii) to identify the partnership criteria, iii) to show the sources and donors of the humanitarian funds and iv) to way out of proposal writing for seeking humanitarian funds from the donors.

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Learning report on 29th ALNAP annual meeting 2014 in Addis, Ethiopia

Duration: March 11-13, 2014

Venue: Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

Prepared by : Shawkat Ali Tutul

The Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance (ALNAP) is a network of international humanitarian actors comprising academics, donors, Non-Governmental Organizations, Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations and United Nations organizations, dedicated to improving humanitarian performance through organizational and systemic learning. The Network holds an annual meeting structured around a theme of interest to the membership. This year the theme is “Engaging disaster – affected people in humanitarian action”. Africa Humanitarian Action (AHH), is Ethiopia based continental NGO that provides life-saving humanitarian assistance to refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and vulnerable communities across Africa. AHA is a Full Member of the ALNAP network and has hosted the 29th ALNAP Meeting during 11th to 13th March’14 at Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa.

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Report on Addressing Development of Genetically Engineering Crops in Asia

Duration: November 26-29, 2013

Venue: Sulo Reverian Hotel,

Queson City, Manila, The Philippines

Prepared by : Sanat K Bhowmik


I participated in a workshop titled Addressing Development of Genetically Engineering crops in Asia November 26-29, 2013 in Manila, The Philippines. The workshop aims i) to discuss and analyze the experiences, lessons learned and challenges of CSOs in their advocacy and campaigns on GMOs at the national level, ii) to build the capacity of civil society organizations on GMOs in food and agriculture, particularly their impacts on health, environment, livelihood, laws and food sovereignty; new trends in the development of the Genetically Modified (GE) industry; and how to analyze the peculiarities of national GE scenarios and iii) to develop strategies and possible regional or sub-regional activities, to address the growth of GE in agriculture, with a special focus on Golden Rice and Bt brinjal.

The participants from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, The Philippines, Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and Malaysia participated in the workshop. The representatives from COAST, BARSIK and SHISHUK from Bangladesh were the participants. The workshop was facilitated by Angelika Hilbeck, Chair-European Network of Scientists and Jack Heinemann, Director-Centre for Integrated Research in Bio safety, Lim Li Ching and Lim LI Lin from Third World Network and Neth Dano from ETC Group The Philippines. The workshop was organized by Third World Network, Malaysia.

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Report of Training Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation

Duration: September 3-5, 2013

Venue: Club Himalaya Hotel and Resort,

Nagarkot, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Prepared by: Sanat K. Bhowmik


I participated in a Training Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation September 3-5, 2013 in Nagarkot, Bhaktapur, Nepal. The training workshop aims i) to prepare Outcome Mapping strategy for ADRRN based on the strategic objectives of the network, ii) to train the ADRRN members on various aspects of Outcome Mapping and iii) to raise awareness and build capacity of members to adopt Outcome Mapping as Monitoring and Evaluation strategy for their organizations. COAST, Dhaka Community Hospital, Dwip Unnayan Sangstha from Bangladesh, Save the Earth Cambodia, SEEDS India, NSET (National Society for Earthquake Technology )-Nepal, SEEP (Society for Health Education Environment and Peace)-Indonesia, CDP (Centre for Disaster Preparedness)-Philippines, Care Society- Maldives, PDI (Participatory Development Initiatives)-Pakistan and Mercy Malaysia-Malaysia were the participants. The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Endah Nirarita and Mr. J. Benedict from MDF (Management for Development Foundation) -Asia. The Training Workshop is being organized by the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN). The program has been made possible with the support from The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID). On behalf of ADRRN, National Society for Earthquake Technology – Nepal (NSET), one of the founder members of ADRRN is hosting this program locally.

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Report of VGGT Popular Manual Preparation Workshop _2013

Duration: August 26-27, 2013

Venue: NAFSO Training Centre,

Negombo, Sri Lanka

Prepared by: Sanat K. Bhowmik


National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO), Sri Lanka organized a workshop titled “Popular Manual Preparation of VGGT (Voluntary Guidelines on the Governance of Tenure) on Fishery Workshop” during August 26-27, 2013 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I participated in the workshop and represented Bangladesh Fish Workers’ Alliance (BFWA) and COAST Trust. Other organizations like WFFP (World Forum of Fisher Peoples) , NFF (National Fish workers Forum), PFF (Pakistan Fish Workers Forum), NAFSO were also the participants. This popular manual was initiated by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) in the context of food security and food sovereignty. CFS (Committee on World Food Security) is also involved with the process. The FIAN (Food First Information and Action Network) is coordinating the whole process for preparation of the popular manual on VGGT. The VGGT includes three sectors like land, fishery and forest. Here we discussed about the fishery. Other two groups in the same venue discussed about the land and forest. The objectives of the workshop were to i) enhance the contents of VGGT of fishery tenure, ii) rationalize the VGGT fishery tenure, iii) provide inputs to the drafted guidelines, iv) identify the necessary cases, v) find the ways to implement the VGGT, vi) identify the problems and recommendation, vii) deepen understanding of VGGT and viii) build the capacity of fish workers.

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Report on Enhancing capacities of fishing communities for resource management

Prepared by: Md. Mujibul Haque Munir

Venue: Sukumvit, Bangkok, Thailand.

International Collective Support of fishworkers (ICSF) is going organize a capacity building program for the coastal fisher of the Bay of Bengal area. The program will be organized in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia. In Bangladesh COAST Trust will organized the program in Cox’s Bazar with the support of ICSF.

During 6-7 May a planning meeting was held in Bangkok. All the implementing organizations’ representatives along with ICSF representatives were present. The main objectives of that meeting were to develop appropriate training modules for the programme and to plan for its implementation. Major ouputs of that meeting were e Inception Report, details of work plan, identification of participating groups, partners and locations, and proposals for training modules, training material and methodologies.

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