Cyclone “Mora”: COAST frontline staff are standby.


Cyclone “Mora”: COAST frontline staff are standby.

For any emergency, Please contact with the following persons/numbers:

Cox’s Bazar Region:
Md Eunus, 01713328812, Moqbul Ahmed, 01713328828, Md Alam, 01713328803, Zahangir Alam, 01713328827, Tauhidul Alam, 01713328822, Fazlul Haque, 01713367444, Kutubdia Branch Manager, 01713164648, Moheshkhali Branch Manager, 01713164649, Teknaf Branch Manager, 01713164661, Hnila Branch Manager, 01713164657, Hoanok Branch Manager, 01713164655

Chittagong Region:
Md Faruk, 01713328805
Chandgoan Branch Manager, 01713144176

Noakhali Region:
Md Firoz Alam, 01713328808
Noakhali Sadar Branch Manager, 01713144154

Bhola Region:
Md Nur-E-Alam, 01713328814, Rashida Begum, 01713328802
Jahirul Islam, 01713328831, Jashim Uddin, 01713144163

Outreach Region:
Abdur Rob, 01713328813, Char Kukrimukri Branch Manager, 01713164641
Char Motaher Branch Manager, 01713164640, Monpura Branch Manager, 01713164645, Dhalchar Branch Manager, 01713164642
Zahiruddin Branch Manager, 01713164646, Char kajol Branch Manager, 01713164639

COAST Phone and Fax Numbers Have Been Changed

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