Decentralize vessel permit and monitoring and sue corrupted officials


Dhaka, 25 May 2014:16 coastal and right based organisations urged to institute legal proceedings against all concerned officials and agencies who neglected their duties in protecting the

waterways from risks. Today in a press conference organized in the National Press Club they also urged for decentralising the approval and monitoring system of the vessels and their design.

The Press conference titled “Stop the unapproved vessels: Decentralise approval and monitoring system of the vessels” was organized byAkash, Anwesha, Arpan, CDP, DOCAP, Graus, NBS, PRAN, Prantojon, PULS Bangladesh, Royal Bengal Foundation, ShaplaPhool, SDO, Udayan Bangladesh, UnnayanDhara Trust and COAST Trust.

Mr. AminurRasul Babul of UnnayanDhara Trust moderated the press conference while Mr. MujibulHaqueMunir of COAST Trust presents the keynotes. The other speakers were Shabnam Hafiz of Somaj, RezaulKarimChowdhury of COAST Trust, MostafaKamalAkanda of COAST Trust and MasudAlam of DOCAP.

In his keynote presentation MujibulHaqueMunir said, both of the two vessels capsized recently had faulty design and not appropriate for the current situation of the water rout. The measurment of MV Miraj was 35.67M of length, 7.03M of width and 1.9M of depth. The depth should be at least 3 meters according to its length. It was also evident that it was carrying much more passengers than its capacity. The approved capacity of this vessel was 202 persons while it was carrying 365 passengers according to its register. The authority had no preparation for the stormy season of May-June.

Mr. AminurRasul Babul said, strong legal proceedings should be issued against the corrupted officials and Naval Architects should be appointed for designing the vessels. He added, we should have proper database of all kinds and number of vessel operating in the country immediately. He also said, there is a passengers’ welfare fund collected in the jetty having no transparency.

RezaulKarimChowdhury of COAST Trust said,the continuous launch capsizing is going on only due to some corrupted officials. They have centralized the approval and monitoring systems of the vessels only to ensure their bribed income. The vessel owners are not sued as they are involved with the ruling political party. To secure the waterways of the country and to save the people’s lives it must be free from political party influences. He added, we have to remember that we have to protect our waterways for our own interest, as the donors have no interest on it. They only take care of the road transportation to increase their vehicle market.

Shabnam Hafiz of Somaj said, if strong legal proceedings are instituted against the concerned and responsible for the launch capsize, the number of accidents could be decreased.

Some recommendations are placed in the press conference for consideration: (1) Bring the faulty launch builders and their designers under law and order and ensure punishment for the negligence of duties as it causes huge deaths; (2) Stop the unfit vessels immediately, ensure experienced drivers and seize the faulty and risky launches and hand over to concerned agencies; (3) Decentralize the designing and approval systems down to District and Upazila level; (4) Deploy enough police force to the Marine Magistrate Court; (5) Establish law for providing compensation to the families of died and wounded by the launch capsize; (6) Enforce registering every passengers before a launch start for; (7) Deploy additional inspectors and police in the jetties during Eid and Puja festivals and stormy seasons; and (8) Ensure highest coordination among all agencies involved in the waterways.

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