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Making Humanitarian and Development Activism Localized and Accountable: Some Initial Actionable Proposal on Reshaping Aid

A. WHS Opportunity for Local NGO
The Secretary General of UN Mr. Ban Ki Moon has initiated the discourse on WHS (World Humanitarian Summit) as a bottom up consultation process during 2013 for effective,accountable and innovative Humanitarian Activities around the world. Thousand of frontline humanitarian workers, humanitarian victims / affected populations including poor and marginalized and different organizations have participated in the process and raised their concerns. Localization and Downward Accountability are the common issues raised in almost all of the eight regional consultations held across the globe. Now the global consultation in Geneva is leading the discourse towards the Global Summit to be held in May 2016 in Istanbul. Therefore, it is the time for local and National NGO (Non Government Organizations) of South to propose concrete and actionable proposals on reshaping Aid and to think of solidarity mechanism to carry forward the advocacy even after the WHS.
B. Who We Are : Southern NGOs and the Supporters
We consider NGO and CSO (civil society organizations) are synonymous. Organizations termed CSO or NGO involved in humanitarian and development activities are almost same. Organizations involved with long-term development or poverty alleviation do contribute in humanitarian activism too. This representation is mostly from the local NGOs or the NGOs who are working a national territory, or their networks working in regions. The representation is not only limited to the Southern NGOs, it also included the likeminded Northern NGOs too who support this initial proposals. We consider INGOs (International NGOs) who work in several countries both in south and north too. Several Northern organizations or INGOs also have already raised voice in favor of localization and downward accountability, e.g., who has initiated charter4change.

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