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5th AGM held dated 26 June 2021 and approved plans and budget of 2021-22

The Plans and Budget of 2021-22 of COAST Foundation have been prepared through the participation of stakeholders of different levels i.e. member participants, local level civil society, Government Officials and staff. The budget for 2021-22 has been prepared with an amount of BDT 86.38 crore (US$ 10.17 million on the basis of the exchange rate of 1:85) with the surplus amount of BDT 8.41 crore ($ 0.99 m) Total budget has been increased 25% than that of 2020-21 (BDT 61.17 crore-$7.20m). This year the budget of the donor grant is BDT 21.26 crore ($2.51m) which is less 10.30% than last year (BDT 23.46 crore-$2.77 m). This is due to the phase out of some Rohingya and other development projects. In the total budget of BDT 86.38 crore (US$ 10.17), 71%% (BDT 61.31 crore-$7.21m) will be contributed from the microfinance program and 29% will be from grants of different development projects and other income (BDT 21.26 crore-$ 2.51m). Here the program cost and administrative costs are 84% and 16% respectively. The plans and budget have been discussed elaborately in Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 26 June, 2021 and approved the plans and budget for the year 2021-22.

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