Partnership between UN agencies and INGOs should be in equal term, no more treatment as sub-contractor


Dhaka, 19th August 2018. Today Local NGO alliance named Bangladeshi NGOs for WHS (World Humanitarian Summit), Coxsbazar CSO NGO Forum (CCNF) and COAST with the support of Oxfam have organized a press conference held at National Press Club Dhaka in observance of 19th August World Humanitarian Day title “We Demand Road Map on Localization in Humanitarian and Development Work, System of Compensation in Accidents for Local Partner Workers”. Speakers in the press conference demanded equality in partnership from UN agencies and INGOs (International NGOs) rather than practice of treating as sub – contractors. They also demand a system of accidental compensation of local NGO workers while they work in partnership projects of UN agency and INGOs, like as the system UN and INGOs have already in place. It should be noted that a local NGO name Mukti’s staff Rezina Akhter have had died on 15 July 2018 in a road accident in Coxsbazar Teknaf road while she is going for work in Rohingya camp. Since 2008 with the call from UN, NGOs are observing 19th August World Humanitarian Day worldwide especially to pay tribute to the workers who have sacrifice life during humanitarian work in any part of the world.
The press conference was moderated by Rezaul Karim Chowhdury of COAST and CCNF, other guest speakers were Emranul Hague Chowdhury Chairman Credit and Development Forum (CDF); Rafiqul Islam Director Federation of NGOs in Bangladesh (FNB); Kawsar Ahmed Konok, Coordinator Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB); Masuda Faruque Ratna Executive Director, Gram Bikash Kendra (GBK); Mizanur Rahman, Humanitarian Program Manager Oxfam; Shawkat Ali Tutul from COAST and Bangladeshi NGOs for WHS; Md Shahidul Islam Voice of South Bangladesh; and Faruque Ahmed Trinomul Unnayan Sangsta of Moymonsingh.
Shawkat Ali Tutul of COAST has presented four point demands form UN and INGOs as they have already signed Grand Bargain commitment (May 2016), Charter for Change (2015) and Principle of Partnership (2006). The expectations are, (i) UN agencies and INGOs should declare a road map that they will roll back from field operation and will give leadership to the local NGOs, (ii) They should also take long term institution development planning to support local NGOs to develop themselves as sovereign and accountable organization, (iii) UN agencies and INGOs should stop staff poaching from local NGOs as they are working for sustainable development of the country by local NGOs, all NGOs and UN agencies should prepare common frame work of salary and facilities of all development workers in the countries. Local NGOs should be given compensation while their staff will be hired by UN agencies and INGOs and (iv) UN agencies and INGOs should keep system provision to compensate local NGO staff while they face accident or die during humanitarian work.
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