Building Bridges to Betterment: Our Journey Towards Sustainable Coastal Development


COAST is pleased to announce the publication of the Annual Report 2022, titled “Building Bridges to Betterment.” This report presents a series of captivating stories that reflect COAST’s remarkable journey towards sustainable coastal development throughout January to December 2022. The dedicated team at COAST worked tirelessly during this period to create a positive impact and promote environmental stewardship along our coasts. The report provides a firsthand account of our endeavors, highlighting transformative projects, partnerships, and initiatives that have shaped COAST’s pursuit of a more resilient and prosperous coastal future. It also encapsulates the experiences of triumphs, challenges, and valuable lessons learned along the way as COAST continues to build bridges towards a better tomorrow for coastal communities and beyond. The full report is available in PDF format, and you can access it by clicking [Summary Report] [Full Report].

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