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Change for Future: COAST Annual Report 2019 and 2020

The Rohingya influx in 2017 had a huge effect on Bangladesh’s development arena. The recent COVID 19 Pandemic has given the entire development sector a new dimension and effect. Even without any outside assistance, local NGOs jumped into the COVID Response. They took an active role in raising awareness and providing emergency assistance to their respective communities. However, during the initial lockdown, local NGOs operating in the microfinance sector faced a serious crisis, as they were unable to provide financial assistance to the vulnerable and collect loan repayments.

It is self-evident that a new situation, a new global development scenario, will emerge. COAST has taken some initiative to address the new challenge of the future as a people-centered organization capable of effectively responding to changing circumstances. COAST has implemented an organizational approach that will allow its program participants to face potential challenges in a sustainable manner.

COAST has recently released its Annual Report, which focuses on potential challenges, in light of the national and global development scenario. Though the study focused on COAST’s efforts in 2019 and 2020, it also discussed plans and strategies.

COAST was interested in both the Rohingya and COVID 19 responses during the reporting period. COAST also carried out development programs in the areas of institutional development, social justice, primary healthcare, food security, child safety, adolescent and youth empowerment, women empowerment, gender equity, climate justice, community radio, and activism in addition to these responses. Please click here for the full report.


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