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Delivering Mobile Banking using Micro finance Leverage

COAST Trust signed an agreement with Progoti Systems, a private software company, for a mobile banking service in the COAST working area. The service is called Sure Cash Mobile Banking. In a local hotel’s conference room in Dhaka last night (20th March 2013) both party signed the agreement for facilitating the money transfer service to the beneficiaries.

Mr. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, the Executive Director of COAST Trust and Mr. Shahadat Khan PhD, the CEO of Progoti Systems signed the agreement on their organizations’ behalf. The senior officials from both organizations were present.

Sure Cash money transfer service will be applied in every branch of COAST trust within a very short time and anyone in the COAST working area will be able to transfer money very quickly and in simple way. Both the parties expressed further progress in this issue in future.


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