Positive Engagement for Sustainable Development : COAST Annual Report 2018


To ensure the sustainability of any effort towards development and empowerment, the positive engagement of the program participants and stakeholders is a must. Ensuring the positive engagement of the participants and stakeholders in its efforts is one of the core development strategies of COAST Trust. To ensure the sustainability of its efforts of socio-economic development, COAST ensures engagement of the program participants in the field level in need assessment, designing programs, monitoring, and evaluation of the programs.

During 2018, one of the major attentions of COAST was to the Rohingya response. COAST took a separate strategy to ensure an effective humanitarian response. Along with this humanitarian response, COAST also implemented development activities on institutional development, social justice, primary healthcare, food security, child protection, adolescent and youth empowerment, women empowerment, gender equality, climate justice, community radio, and advocacy.
This Annual report of COAST Trust for the year of 2018, consists of stories of COAST efforts of engaging its program participants in its programs.
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