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Partnership for Equity and Dignity on Sustainable Capacity to Disaster Risk Reduction and Response

A working group of 28 Bangladeshi local and national NGOs conducts a countrywide consultation with various stakeholders on the eve of the World Humanitarian Summit 2016. Main theme of the consultation is the Natural Disasters in Bangladesh. 21 NGOs organize 50 Focus Group Consultations (FGC) and 997 individual

interviews in 16 district of Bangladesh on 9 sub themes under disaster including flood, flash flood, cyclone, salinity, deforestation, drought, river erosion, monsoon tidal surge and cold wave.

A total of 3564 persons participate in the process and 55.81% of them are women. Key participants of the consultation process are affected communities, front line workers, CEO of NGO or Institutions, local government representatives, elderly, physically challenged, children, fisher-folks and local media representatives.

The working group mainly tries to get ideas on the scopes of effectiveness of humanitarian support including innovation and recommendation on it and the vulnerabilities of people due to natural disaster from the consultation process. All the findings are compiled, fine tuned and validated in a workshop with the participation of representatives from the members NGOs. Final findings with recommendations are placed in a national level public seminar where the experts were present. [Click here to find the report]


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