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Poverty is never a fate but a result of right violation

COAST believes in equitable and holistic development through a democratic culture and ensuring everyone’s participation and contribution. During the month of Ramadan COAST took the opportunity to call for an Iftar and Reunion of the stakeholders at the branch level to set the human right issue upright.

The broad title of the Iftar and Reunion is “Poverty is never a fate of poor but an obvious result of Human Right violation. COAST is committed to establish the Human Right on the basis of Equity and Justice”.

COAST tries to avoid the culture of calling any “Iftar Party” to justify the value for money and to remind the guests a value based mission of COAST in the community level and invite them to be a valuable stakeholder for development.

COAST declared the Iftar and Reunion demonstrating its mission and activities at its 68 places including 64 branches, Principal Office and in 5 regional headquarters. The invitees included member participants, representatives of local government, government office, elected and political leaders, journalists, respected persons and opinion leaders, women leaders and important citizens of the locality.

Few of the invited guests spoke on the titled issue and emphasized on a joint effort to overcome the challenges of development activities.

The organization’s achievement so far is the positive feedback from the important stakeholders and their cooperation.


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