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Connecting investors and investees in Asia’s financial markets

Report: Report on Asian Financial Institution Forum 2020, Bangkok, Thailand

Duration: 22-23 January, 2020

Place: Thailand

Participant: Tarik Sayed Harun, Deputy Director- Core Program Microfinance investors of all backgrounds have nourished a steady trend, both validating and benefiting from its success, continuously investing and reinvesting in this growing niche. Foreign investment fund assets have enjoyed a 20% compounded annual growth rate since the United Nations year of micro-credit in 2005, reaching over USD 11 billion in size today. The financial institutions they invest in have grown even faster: the microfinance institutions (MFIs) Symbiotic works with have witnessed a 27% compounded annual growth rate in assets and 23% in end clients over the past decade. More importantly, they have evolved and become more sophisticated, providing payments, savings, insurance and mobile solutions but also diversifying the credit range from household consumption and small business lending into education, agriculture, housing or energy loans. Foreign investors in microfinance have most astonishingly contributed to a growth of end clients directly financed from 500,000 ten years ago to 24 million today. This development towards greater global financial inclusion will certainly continue in the coming decades. Details report click here


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