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COAST Foundation Anticipatory Actions for Cyclone Remal

COAST Principal Office, Date: 26 May 2024

COAST Foundation, in emergency response to Cyclone Remal, started the anticipatory action today, 26 May 2024, in Patuakhali. Funded by Start Fund Bangladesh, COAST has been implementing the project titled “Organizational Readiness and Disaster Risk Financing for Early Action and Response to Humanitarian Crisis” in Patuakhali.

COAST collected the database of 7,900 vulnerable households in Patuakhali last year. Early actions protocol has been activated by forecast-derived anticipated impact from Start Fund Bangladesh. COAST planned to support 300 vulnerable households in the unions of Char Kajal and Galachipa under the sub-district, Galachipa of Patuakhali. Each household will receive BDT. 5000 (Five thousand) cash today (26 May 2024), before the landfall of cyclone Remal. COAST will distribute this Multi-Purpose Cash Grant (MPCG), so the vulnerable family can purchase food, and emergency items as necessary. This fund anticipates reducing their suffering. Two teams are working in the field to distribute the cash before the cyclone hits the coast today.

The contact details of the COAST anticipatory team are given below:  

COAST team in Char Kajal union:

  1. Md. Eunus (team lead) 01713328812, email: eunus@coastbd.net
  2. Md. Maksud Raham (member) 01713144180
  3. Sayid Moulana (member) 01725852402

COAST team in Galachipa union:

  1. Rashida Begum (team lead) 01713328802, rashida@coastbd.net
  2. Md. Atiqur Rahman (member) 01776214646
  3. Razib Ghosh (member) 01712638661

COAST central team in Dhaka:

  1. Md. Shahinur Islam-01713367434, email: shahin@coastbd.net
  2. Mostafa Kamal Akanda-01711455591, email: kamal@coastbd.net
  3. Sanat Kumar Bhowmik- 01711881662,email: sanat@coastbd.net


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