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Income-Generating Activities (IGA) Study Report

Economic and Livelihood Activities: Engagement and Potentials of Rohingya Communities at Camps

Research Time: July 2022
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Study findings in Bhola district on child marriage: its reason, impact and prevention measures

Safety-security are key reasons behind child marriage. 54.5% of people don’t know the government hotline numbers that help for preventing child marriage.

Research Time: 8 March 2021
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Child marriages have alarmingly increased in Eidgaon and Ukhia Upazila of Cox’s Bazar District: A study by COAST Foundation

A recent study has been conducted by COAST Foundation to explore whether child marriages increase during the COVID-19 pandemic in Cox’s Bazar District. The result of the study reveals that the highest number of child marriages found in Eidgaon (82%) and Ukhia upazila (75%).
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