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dairy_farmLaizu Begum is a house wife at Char Umed village, Lalmohan Upazila under Bhola district. She is a member of Shafali Somity (micro finance group) of COAST Trust at Char Umed branch. Her husband is a small tea shopkeeper. They were unable to maintain four family members by this income. From the beginning she has a local bred cow. She knew about cross bred cow in group meeting. Due to want of capital she was unable to purchase cross bred cow. She discussed the matter with COAST technical officer. He suggested her for artificial insemination. She was interested and her cow was inseminated artificially in a centre. After due time she got a Holstein Friesian heifer (calf). COAST Trust provided her the napier grass for her cow. At present she has an excellent napier plot. Now she is getting more nutrition for cow & calf. As well as the milk production has been increased. At present she got 2.0-2.5 litter milk every day. She keeps an Laizu nursing her cow amount for her family consumption and rest amount is sold in the market. Now her 2400/- monthly income is near about

Now Laizu hopes a cross bred small dairy farm for financial solvency. Her husband agreed to spend few time for dairy farm. It is a fact that milk production doesn’t raise due to cause of local breed but the cross bred calf can be improved by body in nature. The veterinary science teaches us that seven times artificially insemination we can get original breed (96%). She is getting continuous technical support from COAST technical staff.

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