Aid Transparency and Solidarity Approach in Rohingya Response

Dhaka Time and Place : 1st December 2018, Saturday , 10.00 am to 13.30 pm, CIRDAP Auditorium, Old Building, 1st floor, Paltan, Dhaka.

First 30 minutes for networking with tea, Session will start from 10.30 am.

Related slides and Paper for Multi stakeholder dialogue:

  1. Draft updated outline for Multi stakeholder dialogue [Download]
  2. Draft Slide on Presentation 1. (English) Dialogue Objective, Principles and CCNF Concern on Planing & Coordination
  3. Draft Slide on Presentation 2. (English) Study done by COAST (Brief Report)
  4. Draft Slide on Presentation 3.  (English)  Mission Report and some other Recommendations in view of Grand Bargain Commitments.
  5. CCNF position on next JRP 2019 preparation and its methodology [Download]
  6. Some talking points from CCNF members on Rohingya Relief / ISCG Coordination to the review mission _Draft [Download]
  7. Mission report of Grand Bargain localization team Bangladesh mission, October 2018 [Download]
  8. Localization Approach to Rohingya Response [Download]
  9. Charter 4 Change [English] [Bangla]
  10. Grand Bargain Outcome: Ten Streams (English) (Bangla)
  11. 18 Expectations and Demands from Bangladeshi NGOs [Bangla] [English]
  12. 10 Point Demand_Towards a Sustainable Rohingya Response [Bangla] [English]