Promoting localization and building self-esteem NGOs and CSO sector in Bangladesh


4-5 August 2018 workshop materials

  1. Workshop Outline [Download]
  2. Workshop daily schedule [Download]
  3. 1st Day presentation: WHS and Grand Bargain [ Presentation]
  4. 1st Day Presentation:
    (i) Charter 4 Change [Presentation]
    (ii) Development Effectiveness [Presentation]
    (iii) Summary of SG on WHS outcome [Bangla
  5. 1st Day document:
    (i) Charter 4 Change [Bangla]
    (ii) Charter 4 Change [English]
    (iii) Aid Effectiveness to development effectiveness (English]
    (iv) Aid Effectiveness to development effectiveness (Bangla)
    (iv) Istanbul Principles on development effectiveness [Bangla] [English]
  6. 2nd Day Presentation: Country wide campaign on promoting self Accountability and Self Esteem [Presentation]
  7. 2nd Day; Grand Bargain Stream Indicator and Bangladesh situation [Download]
  8. Grand Bargain Outcome: Ten Streams (English) (Bangla)
  9. 18 Expectations and Demands from Bangladeshi NGOs [Bangla] [English]
  10. 10 Point Demand_Towards a Sustainable Approach [Bangla] [English]

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