Family kits distributed among the people affected by Cyclone Mohasen


Dhaka, 9th June 2013: COAST Trust distributes 1,500 family kits (comprises of 17 items for daily using) in Bhola during June 6-9, 2013 among the families seriously affected by the cyclone Mohasen as per the agreement with UNICEF. The program covers 16 unions of Tazumuddin, Lalmohan, Charfession and Monpura upazila in Bhola district. The beneficiary selection criteria as agreed with the government are: i) severely affected poor/ ultra poor families, ii) women-headed families,

iii) families having challenging children, pregnant and lactating mothers and aged persons. Taking the criteria into account, COAST selects the beneficiaries by household visits and by double-checking with the different teams and finally the lists are shared with the respective UNOs and UNICEF for finalization. The respective chairmen and UNOs Officers were also present in the different distribution points. Prior to the distribution, an orientation session on primary health and hygiene is held by COAST with the beneficiaries.

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