Radio Meghna is moving forward for socio-economic development of local communities


IndexCharfassion Upazilla is located in the south of Bhola Island. Non-governmental organization COAST has been working tirelessly for last 18 years for the socio-economic development of the poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged people and providing various services as well. Subsequently COAST Trust believes that the community radio is a great medium to provide the doorsteps services for awareness, habit-change, entertainment and contemporary information to the common people of community level. So COAST Trust has established Radio Meghna at Charfassion on February 18, 2015 with a lot of efforts, hopes and dreams. The aim of Radio Meghna to provide participatory interactive radio program to the coastal marginal population to create awareness on climate change and human rights, foster active citizenship and to build capacity to deal with disasters. edited last 13 March, 2017[Click here full English Report] [Click here full Bangla Report]


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